Pet Surgery

It can be scary if your pet has to undergo surgery. At Discovery Animal Hospital, we want to educate pet owners about what to expect during a pet surgery. Understanding that many surgeries are common can help ease your mind as your pet undergoes surgery, especially when our professional and experienced veterinary team are performing the surgery. Below are some information about common surgeries regularly performed by our Sacramento veterinarian.

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Routine Surgeries

Pet dental cleaning are important for your pet’s oral hygiene. Sometimes pets will have a chipped tooth that needs to be corrected. Teeth extractions are necessary to keep your pet's mouth healthy. Damaged or diseased teeth are often removed to prevent the spread of disease to other parts of the mouth. Any type of biopsy your pet has done is also considered as a form of surgery. Often, masses are biopsied and sent to the laboratory to understand what type of mass it is and based on the results, our veterinarian can treat your pet. Skin abscesses can also be surgically removed and are a relatively quick procedure.  

Surgery for a Pet Injury

If your pet was in an accident and became injured, surgery is often required to help treat the injury. Many bone fractures can require surgery to properly repair the broken bone and ensure an effective healing process. To help stabilize the bone, tiny metal pins and screws are implanted in the broken parts of the bone to help hold everything together as it heals. Pets can also injure their tendons and ligaments causing them to rupture and tear. ACL tears are a very common injury that requires surgery to repair the joint.

At Discovery Animal Hospital in Sacramento, our team of professional veterinary staff is here to help. Whether your pet is undergoing a quick, routine surgery or a complex lifesaving surgery, our veterinarian want you to be at ease. With years of experience, our veterinarian cares for your pet as if he or she were one of their own.  Our veterinarian at Discovery Animal Hospital treats dogs and cats. Our office is conveniently located at 615 Northfield Dr., Sacramento, CA, 95833. If you want to learn more about our pet surgery procedures, our other pet services that we offer at our animal hospital, or to schedule an appointment for your pet, call our veterinary care today at (916) 920-1555.

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  • "I love this vet hospital! I've taken my pups to many different vets and this one is by far my favorite, I highly recommend this place. We've been coming here for over a year now.
    They are straightforward, honest, and caring. They do not try to add extra things into my vet bill, actually the opposite. The staff is always giving me tips on how to save money and is considerate about the cost. I've heard stories of vets saying a dog needed tooth extractions just for the money- I just had my pet's "
    Sara Couch
  • "Jessie was super helpful in getting us in ASAP and the vet was very helpful in figuring out that our pup had a torn ACL. Great team!"
    Terrance Johns

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